A Month Without Ovaries

It’s sort of hard to believe but my ovary and tube removal surgery was one month ago today! And honestly, I’m feeling pretty decent overall.

Hot flashes are still my primary symptom. And in addition to having a couple per night most nights I’ve learned some other fun hot flash triggers — exercise, alcohol, stress, humidity. I’ve thankfully only had one at work so far. But man was that unpleasant.

Other than the hot flashes I have a little hormonal acne (just like I would sometimes get right before my period) and insomnia (although it’s hard to tell if that might just be stress related). And that’s pretty much it. No out of control mood changes, my sex drive is still intact, and my pants still fit. So those are all good things.

So far I’ve been adjusting to my new ovary-less life better than I thought I would. Plus, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed not having a period this month. The thought of never having to buy pads or tampons ever again brings a little joy into my life. And with the symptoms being pretty manageable for now, I’m feeling less worried about waiting until May to start my hormone therapy, and truthfully if it weren’t for the other benefits (bone, brain, and heart health) I may have considered forgoing the hormones all together.

Additionally, I saw my doctor for my post-op appointment last week and he officially cleared me to return to all normal activity again! So in the past week I’ve made it to the gym twice and done yoga at home twice…and it feels SO good to back. I’m sort of in denial that I only have 6.5 weeks before my mastectomy, but it’s the truth (unless it gets rescheduled again. Ugh). So I better get all of the physical activity in now while I can because I’ll be out of commission for a good long while after that surgery. Oh! Even more importantly, the pathology report from my ovaries/tubes was all negative. Woohoo! Such a relief.

It’s really pretty incredible that the only indicators that I even had this surgery a month ago are 3 tiny scars on my abdomen and occasional hot flashes. It feels like this chapter has closed and now my mind is focused on preparing for the mastectomy. I long for the day that ALL of this is behind me and I can set my sights on finding normalcy again. Hopefully that day isn’t too far in the future.

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